Collective Redress

Wrongs committed by corporate defendants often cause modest loss to individuals or businesses and cannot economically be pursued alone but, when the losses of multiple victims are aggregated, the total loss is very large and collective redress (or a ‘class action*’) becomes possible.

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Humphries Kerstetter LLP has an established reputation in the field of class actions. We are particularly well-known in the competition law field, acting for very large groups including the interchange fees litigation against MasterCard and Visa. The firm is also active in the investigation or pursuit of class actions across a range of consumer and business claims against defendants responsible for fraudulent and reckless investment schemes, failed SIPP and property investments, data breaches, failed tax schemes and ‘stock drop’ claims, amongst other current work.

We have the legal knowledge, the funding and insurance connections and the team size and strength to investigate, launch and pursue class actions so that our clients do not need to pay unless and until recoveries are made and only pay out of those recoveries for our fees and all necessary disbursements. We prepare cases to fight to trial but aim to reach earlier settlements in the interests of all concerned.

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*‘Class action’ is an American term not well-suited procedurally to England, but is nonetheless generally understood by the public and is adopted here to denote the range of procedural tools available to pursue collective civil action in this country.