International Arbitration

In many cases, the parties to a dispute will have agreed in advance to submit their commercial disputes to binding arbitration as an alternative to court litigation especially where they are seeking a “neutral forum” for international agreements. These types of disputes often involve specialized procedural rules and multiple systems of law. We have extensive expertise in acting for clients in arbitrations under all the major international sets of arbitration rules and involving multiple systems of law or even general principles of international law. We act both for and in opposition to sovereign states. Our experience in these types of disputes includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (including completion accounts and warranties).
  • Complex sales agreements.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Investment treaty disputes.
  • Industrial projects.
  • Government contracts.
  • Financial instruments.
  • International trade.

This experience spans numerous industry sectors including:

  • Oil and gas.
  • Mining and minerals.
  • Defence.
  • Media and telecommunications.
  • Financial services.
  • International services or consultancy contracts.
  • Construction.

Our partners also accept appointment to act as arbitrators in domestic or international commercial disputes.