The Firm

The firm has a “reputation is everything” ethos. Therefore, quality of service and work product is our top priority.

We are lean, flexible and agile. Manageable overheads, focused staffing with no billing targets, and the ability to strip a dispute down to its core determinative issues ensure that clients receive the most efficient representation and value for money.

The firm provides a refreshing, dynamic and supportive working environment, free of outdated hierarchies and politics, where the work and the clients come first.


Our partners are experienced and technically excellent lawyers all having come from London-based large international law firms. Our recent mandates show the quality, variety and value of the matters on which the firm has recently advised.

We are also at home with the strategic and commercial planning that takes place long before, or instead of, a dispute reaching a court or tribunal. Most of our cases are resolved without the need for trials.

We have particular experience in managing international disputes that require proceedings in foreign courts, arbitration in an international forum, the application of foreign law or the involvement of sovereign state parties.