The Firm

We value our reputation. Therefore quality is our top priority.

We focus on our clients’ commercial objectives and think creatively about how these can most directly be achieved through any available dispute resolution methods or otherwise.

We believe that the smartest and most creative dispute resolution lawyers can offer the best solutions without the need for niche specialisations.


We have very broad expertise in many methods of dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration, mediation and enforcement, and also in carrying out confidential internal investigations in connection with regulatory issues.

We have acted in many high profile arbitrations and reported court cases but we are also at home with the strategic and commercial planning that takes place long before, or in lieu of, a dispute reaching a court or tribunal. The vast majority of our cases are resolved without the need for trials.

We have particular experience in managing international disputes that require foreign proceedings, arbitration in an international forum, the application of foreign law or the involvement of sovereign state parties.


The firm’s rates are highly competitive. We cut our rates to be even lower from 1 April 2020.

We are the first firm in our market, as far as we are aware, to publish our rates, which are set out below as from 1 April 2020 (excluding VAT and disbursements). We review our rates annually.

  • Partners: £350 per hour*
  • Of counsel: £270 per hour
  • Managing Associates: £225 per hour
  • Associates: £180 per hour
  • Junior Associates: £145 per hour
  • Trainees and Paralegals: £80 per hour

We are also highly experienced and innovative with alternative fee arrangements and commercial funding and insurance in appropriate cases for which different rates may apply.

*Senior partner rate excluded (£500 per hour).

More information on our charges can be found following this link.