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Other class actions which we are currently investigating and/or pursuing include:

Wrongs committed by corporate defendants often cause loss to individuals or businesses which cannot economically be pursued alone but, when the losses of multiple victims are aggregated, the total loss is very large and collective redress (or a ‘class action’) becomes possible.

Humphries Kerstetter LLP has an established reputation in the field of class actions. We are particularly well-known in the competition law field, acting for very large groups including the interchange fees litigation against MasterCard and Visa.

Humphries Kerstetter and Geradin Partners have teamed up to prepare and pursue a case against Google in respect of its conduct in ad tech.

This claim will represent a class of victims including news websites up and down the country with large daily readerships as well as the thousands of small business owners who depend on advertising revenue from their websites. The UK claim will focus on recovering compensation for lost revenue from the sale of advertising space on the websites of all class members.

In 2021, the French Competition Authority imposed a fine of €220m on Google in relation to its conduct in ad tech. Ad tech is the short name for the technologies powering the online adverts billions of consumers see in their everyday lives when surfing the web and using their smartphones. Selling digital advertising is a key source of revenue for publishers of online content. Since then, the European Commission and UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have both announced they are investigating Google’s conduct in ad tech. In the US, the Texas State Attorney General and 16 other States have filed complaints.

According to the French decision, Google’s conduct inflicted considerable harm on online publishers (ie all websites on which certain advertising space is sold), in that it depressed their revenue, among others by (i) depriving them of the ability to benefit from undistorted competition between ad exchanges, which could have exerted pressure on Google to lower its very high AdX fees (around 20%), and by (ii) diverting impressions from rival ad exchanges charging a lower revenue share.

Litigation funding

It is impossible in practice to bring an opt-out claim in the UK without litigation funding. Harbour has experience of UK opt-out cases at the Competition Appeal Tribunal and has provided funding for this case. This will enable a wide and diverse class of business victims to recover compensation in circumstances where they would otherwise stand no realistic chance of doing so.

How do victims join?

There is no need to “opt in” as permission will be sought to bring this case on an “opt-out” basis. By doing nothing, each class member will remain a member of the class and may await a determination of their rights over the course of the proceedings. Class members are entitled to opt out. Full details will be provided here and via a dedicated website in due course.

Other class actions

Humphries Kerstetter is also active in the investigation or pursuit of class actions across a range of consumer and business claims against defendants responsible for fraudulent and reckless investment schemes, failed SIPP and property investments, data breaches, failed tax schemes and ‘stock drop’ claims.

We have the legal knowledge, the funding and insurance connections and the team size and strength to investigate, launch and pursue class actions so that our clients do not need to pay unless and until recoveries are made and only pay out of those recoveries for our fees and all necessary disbursements.

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Google ad tech class action