Hourly Rates

The firm’s hourly rates are highly competitive.  The rates were reduced from 1 April 2020 for a fixed period of one year to support our existing and new clients in a period of trading and financial difficulty due to Covid-19.

We are the first firm in our market, as far as we are aware, to publish our rates, which are set out below as from 1 April 2020 (excluding VAT and disbursements). We review our rates annually.

  • Partners: £350 per hour*
  • Of counsel: £270 per hour
  • Managing Associates: £225 per hour
  • Associates: £180 per hour
  • Junior Associates: £145 per hour
  • Trainees and Paralegals: £80 per hour

We are also highly experienced and innovative with alternative fee arrangements and commercial funding and insurance in appropriate cases for which different rates may apply.

*Senior partner rate excluded (£500 per hour).

More information on our charges can be found following this link.